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Ultimate Redius sneaker black

Ultimate Redius sneaker black

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ULTIMATE ROAD AND MTB cycling shoes , have a thermoformed heel for greater stability and firmness in pedaling, reflective on the rear for greater visibility on the road, ergonomic tongue for greater comfort, ventilation in the upper front part allowing flow constant air flow and breathability of the foot from front to back, rear lining in waterproof material that guarantees quick drying if the shoe is exposed to difficult climates,

ULTIMATE MICROMETRIC CLOSURE: BOA-type closure made of high-resistance polymer and a Kevlar loop covered by a nylon fiber for greater resistance to tension, improving the fit of the shoe on the foot in a completely uniform way.

ROUTE: 80% highly rigid nylon and 20% TPU sole, resistant to abrasion and allows walking avoiding the athlete slipping, compatible with any type of route and mtb cleat system.

MOUNTAIN: 100% abrasion-resistant vulcanized rubber sole that allows walking without the athlete slipping. It also has a highly rigid nylon internal insole guaranteeing firm pedaling, compatible with any type of mtb cleat system.

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